Your Positivity is your best vaccination

One day I got a call from one of my friend. As soon as I hit the green button of my phone, I greeted her enthusiastically with wearing smile on my lips, “Hey, how are you? You made my day with your call this beautiful morning. So what’s going at your end?”

Guess what!

A dull monotonous low voice came from my receiver like a flabby tortoise with half closed eyes walking on the river bank, “Hi! I am fine, thank you. You say how’s going?”

Now by listening such a monotonous and soporific voice, we can easily make out something is not right with that person.

When such negative words fall on our ear drums then directly or indirectly the echo travels to our mind. Either we feel such vibrations on our heart and mind or we suppress these negative vibes and send our strong positive vibrations back to the person, which rejuvenate him or her.

positive vibes

Let’s imagine, you are on a holiday on an ecstatic beach and walking on the whitish sand under the bluish sky. Sun is smiling and cold breeze is welcoming you. You are enjoying every bit of moment.

Suddenly you come across a rocky cave and plan to enter in it. As you enter in a dark scary cave you find yourselves in scary gloominess murk.

How will you react? You see nothing. Everything is blackened out.

In a trice, a positive atmosphere changed to negative one. (It depends how you take it.)

Here, we have two options with us. Either we lit something to see and enjoy the beauty of cave or we simply run away considering it as a frightening dark den.

Which would you prefer? I would prefer the initial one.

When we hear a negative voice from someone, it tries to enter into our brain and hypnotises it. Our mind start visualising these negative vibrations and creates an imaginary picture. Finally this affects our soul and heart later affects our immune system.


Result is obvious. We become unmotivated and negative thoughts start shaping up in our mind.

Your Smile drops. Your energy curve drops. Your confidence drops.

We must not allow the negative vibrations to enter in our soul and make us unmotivated. Our positive vibrations must be stronger so that it suppress the negative ones. And your positivity will directly motivate the others and start injecting into their system.

Your positive vibrations will act as a vaccinator. Positivity smash the negativity out of the system like germs get smashed by the medicines.

And in this case, positive forces win the battle.

Every day we come across many negative people. We have two options. Either simply ignore these negative anti social elements OR talk to them, find out what make them upset, give a positive solution, kill their negativity, motivate and rejuvenate their inner soul with your strong positive pulses.

Your positive healing will work wonders for them and make their life.

Be happy and make your environment happier, germ free. Think Positive, Stay Positive.


Keep Smiling… 🙂


25 Life Lessons Learned by Me

life lessons

  1. Relationships matter the most, so preserve them.
  2. Don’t speak to any when you are in anger.
  3. Think Twice. Thrice. Hundred times before criticizing anyone.
  4. Time has the power to heal anything.
  5. Always be Polite. Calm. Maintain your vibrations of your mind.
  6. Always try to control your Heart and Mind rhythms. If can’t be controlled, can be dangerous for you.
  7. Love from your heart but not from your mind. Think from your mind not from your heart. Most of the time, we mix them.
  8. Live in present moment even in pressurized state of mind.
  9. The best way to being motivated is – Motivate others.
  10. Critics are wonderful creatures. Learn from them.
  11. Take Risks. I believe, take more risks when you feel luck is on your side.
  12. Smile is a wonderful gift. Let it spread like a virus.
  13. Feeling a bit low? Listen to motivational music. It will rejuvenate you.
  14. Believe in God. When feeling tensed, pass it on to God. They are always there for you.
  15. Laugh loud with friends and behave childish with your loved ones.
  16. Never argue with any one. It’s better to lose arguments most of the time.
  17. Never discuss anyone’s: Religion, Relationships and Diseases
  18. Always be positive and behave positively.
  19. Don’t judge people by their first impressions.
  20. Never regret.
  21. Be a Day dreamer.
  22. Exercise daily. It rejuvenate your confidence as well as body.
  23. Never underestimate yourself as you are the beautiful gift to someone.
  24. Always give more and expect nothing.
  25. Always use words: Please, Thank you and Sorry.

Keep Smiling… 🙂