5 Things to Remind Daily




Mirror Your Smile and Rock the Day

positiveWake Up. Get out of your bed. Go in front of the mirror.

Smile. Smile. Widen your lips. Smile.

Looking in Mirror

Source: all-famous-quotes.com

Look in your eyes. And say ‘Good Morning’ followed by your name.

Take a deeeeeep breath and say, ‘Today I am going to Rock. Today is my day.’

Smile again.

Result: Simply Outstanding. YOU ARE GONNA ROCK THE WORLD!!!!!!

Keep Smiling……. 🙂

We are Best

iamLife is wonderful, so we are.

God has created such a beautiful world, so he has created us too.

Everything near us: Society, Atmosphere, Plants, Animals, Birds, each and every proximity has its own beauty and resembles something unique. Unique which can never be copied, duplicated, avoided, ignored or disrespected.

We Love our surroundings and directly we respect and appreciate it.

Similarly, we should never disrespect ourselves.

Why? Because we are surrounded by so many beautiful positive things which constantly injects confidence in us, rejuvenate us, energizes us and makes us extremely happy.

We are at our best. I am at my best because am surrounded by the most fascinating, pulchritudinous and energetic personalities in the world – you.

I feel lucky because god has sent me at the right time at the right location with the right people. I am extremely lucky.

With so much positive vibrations revolving around me like positive electrons revolving around the nucleus. My life is beautiful and extremely strong like a nucleus.

My life is extremely beautiful.

I would love to say Thank You to God, You and such wonderful green fragrant environment. An aroma which purify our soul and heart and make us immune, which prevents us from negative vibes.

I feel Energetic. And this positive energy makes my Life and Society Healthy.

We all are Lucky, Healthy, Intelligent and priceless.

Keep Smiling…. 🙂