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Rules for Being Human

rules for being human

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Joy of Giving

One day I was sipping my cup of tea at a tea stall. I observed a small squirrel. She had a ground nut in her mouth and searching for a place to hide it. She dug and hid it beneath the earth and went for searching another.

After some seasons a new plant will crop up!

Squirrels always search her food and hide inside the earth and then forget. This is the one of the best qualities in squirrels.

Give and Forget. Never expect anything.

Yesterday while watching television, I came to know that this week is ‘Joy of Giving Week’ starting from 2 October till 8 October 2012. I got excited and thought for a while how beautiful is to give something not only to our loved ones but to society. Giving makes us Happier and makes us feel younger.  It not only nourishes relationships but it gives us gratification and injects confidence in us.  But yes, never expect in return.

I searched on my favourite search engine about ‘Joy of Giving week’. It initiated in 2009 and coincides with Gandhi Jayanti where people get engaged through act of giving. It was originally coined “India Giving Week”.

An expectation makes us disheartened. In addition to this, I would like to say, those who expects from you, never disappoint them rather try to fulfil their expectations and never expect back.

I have always felt internal happiness whenever I have given something to my loved ones whether it’s a gift, a bouquet or spreading smile and wishes. It always works, it strengthens our relationships. Even if you spread or share your smile to a stranger you will feel a great internal satisfaction no matter whether he or she responds (which actually never happen when you are smiling from your heart) or not.

Experiment this!

When you wake up in the morning, go and stand in front of mirror and smile. Yes you read it right, smile to yourself. And it should not be a Grin. There is a difference between Smile and Grin. Smile directly comes from your heart while Grin doesn’t.

Instantly you will see the results. You will realize the spontaneous boost in your confidence, you will feel more energetic and believe me whole day goes rocking.

Similarly, whenever we make someone smile (especially when that person is upset) or make him or her happy by giving, directly we feel at top of the world and we try to give more and more.

The more you give, the more you will be happier.

I personally gifts books to my loved ones. I believe it is the best gift as it gives us the most precious and cannot-be-stolen-thing i.e. Knowledge which will be with us till our death.

Before I sign out, in this giving week give as much as you can and feel the difference. Transform it in a habit. Keep Smiling.. 🙂