25 Life Lessons Learned by Me

life lessons

  1. Relationships matter the most, so preserve them.
  2. Don’t speak to any when you are in anger.
  3. Think Twice. Thrice. Hundred times before criticizing anyone.
  4. Time has the power to heal anything.
  5. Always be Polite. Calm. Maintain your vibrations of your mind.
  6. Always try to control your Heart and Mind rhythms. If can’t be controlled, can be dangerous for you.
  7. Love from your heart but not from your mind. Think from your mind not from your heart. Most of the time, we mix them.
  8. Live in present moment even in pressurized state of mind.
  9. The best way to being motivated is – Motivate others.
  10. Critics are wonderful creatures. Learn from them.
  11. Take Risks. I believe, take more risks when you feel luck is on your side.
  12. Smile is a wonderful gift. Let it spread like a virus.
  13. Feeling a bit low? Listen to motivational music. It will rejuvenate you.
  14. Believe in God. When feeling tensed, pass it on to God. They are always there for you.
  15. Laugh loud with friends and behave childish with your loved ones.
  16. Never argue with any one. It’s better to lose arguments most of the time.
  17. Never discuss anyone’s: Religion, Relationships and Diseases
  18. Always be positive and behave positively.
  19. Don’t judge people by their first impressions.
  20. Never regret.
  21. Be a Day dreamer.
  22. Exercise daily. It rejuvenate your confidence as well as body.
  23. Never underestimate yourself as you are the beautiful gift to someone.
  24. Always give more and expect nothing.
  25. Always use words: Please, Thank you and Sorry.

Keep Smiling… 🙂




Energy Boosters for Stressful Life

In our daily life we feel depleted, frustrated and exhausted. Our level of patience decreases and we feel mentally ill.

Result is crystal clear – We feel Disabled and Enervated.

Being a Science student, I always read about Energy and its laws.

We wake up in the morning with full of energy and it goes on decreasing as day passes by, which directly reflects in our productivity and work. By evening we are totally exhausted with no energy left at all. Energy is Lost!

We must conserve our energy throughout the day. Here, I will be talking about factors which suck our energy out and how we can pump energy back to our system to work effectively.

  1. Exercise – Exercise is a biggest morale booster and increases our confidence. We must workout daily for at least 45 minutes. We can mould our sessions according to our schedule. For example, we can hit the gym either in early mornings or in evenings. I personally feel that we should go in the morning as we are fresh.
  2. Drink plenty of Water – My gym trainer always tell me to drink lot of water. It helps in blood circulation and in transportation of oxygen. It energizes you so always keep a bottle on your table.
  3. Listen to Music – I listen to music whenever I am driving. It freshen your mind and soul. Music should be which energizes and inspiring, not broken heart sad songs.
  4. Avoid videos or television – It drains our energy and makes our eyes feel heavy. In our free time we mostly get indulged in online videos or watch television for relaxation at home till late night. Actually it never relaxes rather our eyes become heavier and we feel more exhausted. Better read a book.
  5. Take a Walk – Doctors suggest walking as the best medicine as it increases your energy. In my previous company I used to take an evening walk with my colleagues. Sitting in air-conditioned offices and staring on our systems continuously may be good for our professional growth but not for our mind and health, as sticking to chair for hours, clutch our muscles.
  6. Take a Power Nap – Take a nap (just for few minutes) in between work which not only rejuvenate our brain but also recharge our body.

These are some simple points which can be followed to boost our productivity.

Finally, spend good amount of time with your loved ones and friends as they are biggest stress relievers. Share with them, Laugh and Live to the fullest.

If you have more energy boosters then please share with us. Keep Smiling.. 🙂