Find your motivational boosters and change your life

What is the purpose of bathing?

  1. To freshen up.
  2. To remove dirt from the body.
  3. To look fresh and feel great.

Zig ZiglarLet’s put it another way.  Whatever you buy (any materialistic body), after sometime it needs to be repaired.  The same goes with us.

When we wake up in the morning we feel fresh, energetic and enthusiastic.  You give me some work; I can do it with the highest accuracy.  We feel motivated and galvanized and this reflects in our body language.

As the day passes, energy slowly drains out from our soul like sand slips from our fingers and we feel tired.  We feel motiveless and negativity starts entering in.

Here is my personal experience.  I work enthusiastically until lunch. I attempt to finish my important tasks within this session.  I always try to learn new things within this time frame.  But post lunch, my energy descends drastically, just like an inverse exponential graph.  After 3:00 pm, I need a cup of tea to energize myself.  I then listen to music to create motivation.

There are multiple ways to create motivation but the fact is we need to inject that passion back in our mind and heart.  Motivation degrades periodically and we need to understand what gives us our motivation.

Do you watch football?  Players utilize energy drinks throughout the game.  Why?  It’s to energize them and get rid of exhaustion. Similarly, we need motivation.  Motivation keeps us going and without it we can’t accomplish our goals.

Let me provide you with a few ways to motivate yourself when you are feeling low…

  1. Drink water – You must have heard numerous times, drink at least 2 litres of water daily. Water makes us less stressed.  Water directly reflects on brain function and you will lose efficiency by not drinking enough.  Bottom line is drinking lots of water increases energy and releases fatigue.
  2. Talk to friends – Yes talking with friends and those who are close to you will actually refresh your mood.  Perhaps you can chat with your co-workers/colleagues during your break.  I would recommend avoiding gossip.
  3. Go for a Walk – Go for a short walk with friends/colleagues.  It will provide you with a refreshed mind and it will allow you to stretch your legs.  Walking helps blood circulation.
  4. Read books – Reading a book is different from reading online.  I would recommend reading a book.  You learn something new and it changes your mood. Make it a habit to read for thirty minutes a day.
  5. Eat Fruits – An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  It’s easy to eat fruit throughout your day and it provides vitamins, fiber and minerals.  The more our body absorbs these, the more mental and physical strength we build.

Motivational GraphOur life is like a sinusoidal graph, full of peaks and valleys.  When we are high, we do things best and achieve better results.  On the other hand, when we are exhausted, even simple tasks can become difficult just like climbing Mt. Everest.

So, the point here is to say, every one of us needs energy boosters to pump the energy back to the highest levels and it has to be done constantly.  So keep yourself moving and continue to provide yourself with motivation.

“Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what keeps you going.”

– Jim Rohn

Keep Smiling…. 🙂



Edited and forwarded by Mr. Jeff Botch


Daily Medicine for Wonderful Life


energy (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Everyday or Let me say in positive sense, most of the time in week we feel exhausted.
Actually since morning am feeling tiring and mentally weak.
Ok, let me take you back to first paragraph, we feel exhausted, tired and energetically very low.

So what are the reasons behind this?
We work in front of computers or laptop for around 7 to 8 hours. Then we drive back home and we throw ourselves on the bed. And yes how can I forget Mobile phones. Constantly checking Emails and Messages on our Smart phones!


1. Body ache or Head ache
2. Mentally exhausted
3. Negative thoughts revolving around our mind.

So what we must do to gain energy and inject Positive in?

Follow these simple but astonishing steps:

1. While driving back and forth to Home and Workplace always listen Music. I call it music therapy as it pumps spontaneous energy in our soul and body.
2. Never stick your eyes on system continuously for more than 20 minutes. It gives Strain in your eyes and by the evening your eyes become heavy. Drains our energy.
3. Talk with your friends or colleague in between for a while about current topics and news. Remember, please avoid Gossips.
4. Always wear Smile on your. Believe me its the best medicine.
5. When you feel a bit low, take a deep breath in and pause, count 5 and slowly release. Do it for 3 times and see the change.

And yes always filter out negative waves. Dont listen to those who constantly Complain or Criticize.

Feel Energetic and Be Always Positive.

Keep Smiling.. 🙂


Make your Festivals Unforgettable

I am in Navratri night, a festival which is celebrated across India, also called Durga Puja. It has a great significance in our Indian Culture and History. We, across India celebrate this with joy and pleasure.

Children, Adults all are playing garba in groups and enjoying each of this very moment. No tensions, No work pressure, rather they are full of energy, zest and zeal.

The more we indulge in such incredible ecstatic atmosphere, the more we feel energetic and exuberant. This is I call Life and we must always preserve such fascinating moments in our lives.

When we were kids we enjoyed family gatherings, hangout with friends and waited desperately for special occasions like our birthdays and festival seasons.

These times are not special because of its importance in our lives and in religions but we get time from our hectic schedules and from our chaotic life to celebrate and parallelly they refresh our souls, erase all daily pressures and irrelevant tensions.

We must celebrate all festivals with our loved ones and family because they boost our level of confidence and our relations get stronger, injects positive source in our veins, it helps us to bind ourselves emotionally and these relations inspire and lift our lives as well as careers.

Festivals act as refreshing art in our tortuous career life.

Have you ever observed, when we were frustrated and suddenly some festive or joyful moments flash in front of our lost mind which makes us smile and after few minutes we get rejuvenated and new ideas keep cropping up, floating in and we get solutions of our problem. We feel relaxed.

Make this festive season memorable and unforgettable moments. Because even in our bad times, these will act as energy pills and will put smile on our face and refresh our mind.

Ideas also come when our mind is fresh. Even flowers blossom in calmer, breezy and fresh atmosphere.

So make your festival season unforgettable and make your life beautiful. Have a blasting time.

Keep Smiling .. 🙂



Dont Let Your Smile Extinct..

Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” 

– Mother Teresa

Today we are moving with pace in our super chaotic life. We are over burdened with our professional lives, responsibilities and our life is swinging between home to workplace and workplace to home, just like a pendulum. And in such fast life, our life has actually slowed down which reflects on our face.

A Smiling Face! I am scared of its extinction.

Smile, Smile and Smile. It is the most priceless gift we human beings have, which will change our lives for sure.

Always Smile to your Critics especially when they are criticising you.

Your Smiling face will actually make them feel a Loser.

Smiling face is inversely proportional to Critic’s happiness.

Never get excited by their dirty tricks. As they want you to get excited and react. They always try to provoke you. Never ever do. Simply Smile, Listen to them and filter out all irrelevant and redundant words and leave their place and forget.

You will land in an extreme satisfaction as your heart is pure like water.

Smile is the best medicine. It not only refreshes us but also helps us to gain our lost momentum.

I never get excited or frustrated in bottle tight situations. Rather I keep my mind calm and listen to energetic songs (If I can) and try to solve the problems. Yes, I always laugh and smile on such incidences. The best way to overcome negative instances is close your eyes and think about your humorous and sweet incidents which you spent with your family and friends. Or watch comic videos.

Believe me, you will feel energetic and observe a sweet smile on your face which will give you confidence. And till this you would have left that negative effect far behind.

It gives us positive energy and makes our mind fresh which gives us strength to think effectively and spontaneously. And Results are Crystal Clear.

So always wear beautiful smile and face the world. Keep Smiling…. 🙂



Weekend Energy Boosters

Hope you had an ecstatic and energetic weekend.
Always refill your energy for coming weekdays and make it more efficient and you will get positive results.
I always go out with my wife and friends and make my weekends memorable. I call it “Weekend Energy Booster”. It rejuvenate me and pump energy into me which makes me more confidence and also help to fight against anti-social elements, absorbs redundant workplace tensions and make life chaos free.
Some weekend energy and positive boosters are:

1. Wake up early and hit the gym.
2. Have your Breakfast with your family and talk about current and hot topics. Also discuss your weekend plan with them.
3. Go for outing in evening with your friends and family. Spend ample amount of time with them followed by dinner.
4. Make your coming week plans. Pen down your sweet moments and sketch your weekdays plan and goal.
5. Go to bed and take 7 to 8 hours sleep.

So enjoy your weekend and erase all your tensions and inject confident.

Have a blasting week. Keep Smiling… 🙂