33 Rules of the Billionaire Mindset


the billionaire scriptures

The Billionaire Scriptures

I have studied an infinite amount of books, videos, seminars, magazines, article and success principles on the dreams, desires, successes and failures of the avid Billionaire and I have taken this in depth learning and compacted it into my very own 33 rules and called this “The Billionaire Scriptures”.  I am not a Billionaire “yet” but I do know that I am on my way and by practising the following set of rules, I know it will lead me to greatness and so much more. Below is my own set of THE BILLIONAIRE SCRIPTURES:

The 33 Rules of the Get Rich Billionaire Mindset

  1. Do not exchange time for money.
  2. Do not work for another company full-time i.e. 9-5 Monday to Friday.
  3. Pay yourself first, put a portion of your money into a pension fund.
  4. Create value in relation to what people need and provide a solution…

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