Make Plans and Fallback Plans

Last week all my plans which I chalk out every Sundays, got thrashed and crushed like a pieces of glass. By the weekend, I was mentally exhausted and physically drained. Literally I started feeling frustrated.

A total waste of time led to frustration and made me feeling low.

Does it happen to you?

We make plans and try our level best to stick to it, don’t we? Unfortunately some irrelevant tasks pops up, pressurize us and we find ourselves indulged in un-important work which leads to self-destructiveness from self-development. Our motivational factor gets uprooted like trees being extirpated in the storm.

We should never get demotivated rather must pump ourselves.


Let me give you an example.

You have a beautiful family. A gorgeous wife and two lovely kids like roses. A week ahead, your kids come to you and ask you for picnic. Your wife also support your kids and hence you chalk out picnic plan for coming Weekend.

It’s Monday evening. You research a lot and finally pen down to one beauteous location. Discuss with your children and they get excited. Their excitement level takes you one step ahead and you get motivated and plan further.

‘How about fishing at the bank of river and playing ball game under the trees?’ you ask your kids.

You wife jumps in and suggest a night out camp on the banks.


It’s Thursday. You finally plan to leave on Saturday morning before sun rises.

All set! You have a wonderful plan. Excitement level of kids are at the highest and they have started bragging in their friend circle. Your wife has bought necessary things for the weekend. You are taking all the proud as you have planned the picnic perfectly.

Its Friday noon and you get to know a storm is going to hit. By evening, you stick to news and got to know that storm has taken a shape of thunderstorm and local government has called a Red Alert.

All jaws dropped. Kid’s excitement level thrashed like an avalanche. A mournful wave has suddenly started flowing not in the house but also in the city.

A flight of moments just crashed as soon it took off!

Does it mean, we should never make plans? Obviously we must! We always make plans and must stick to it. As plan gives us direction and motivates us. But plans must be handled practically rather than emotionally. We must have fall-back plans ready. If we fail to do this at that point of time then how I can compensate and put my plans back on track. We should think all the factors which can negate my plans. We coin it Risks.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson

plan_a_plan_bWe must plan alternatives when we are bombarded with some irrelevant factors or tasks. In above scenario, thunderstorm is not in our hands. We have to drop the plans. What matters is how we should inject a motivational factor among our family. What other alternative plan should we pitch in to make them happy again? How about much bigger hangout next week! Or making a family event in the home. It could be anything.


  • Never get demotivated if plans don’t work.
  • Don’t get emotionally attached with your plans.
  • Always have fall-back plan with you.
  • Keep motivating yourself at every point of time.
  • Be passionate, as passion find its time sooner or later.
  • Write your plans down and keep it with you. Trust me it will get executed.

Plan your goals. Set your tasks and make a positive impact on your life. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

“A sense of accomplishment comes when you have completed the tasks for the goals you have set for yourself.”

Keep Smiling.. 🙂


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