How to behave in tough conditions?

You will get or must have read ample of posts or books on ‘How to react in tough situations’. This post is no more different but with this post, I am trying to recall those invaluable points which you need to remember and act when you find yourself in tough be-calmsituations.

  • Don’t React. People will try to provoke you so that you react. We often react spontaneously when we out of our state of mind. Just calm. Think before reacting because reacting on someone is like grasping the red-hot coal in your own hands. Best solution is Ignore or simply Avoid.
  • Don’t Allow Emotional Outburst. Once you react on anti social elements, you get handled by your own anger. You get driven by your negative emotions which take you nowhere. Results are crystal clear. Flaws in your relationships. Cordons you in Isolation.
  • Control your Feelings. Rein your emotions. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to control our feelings when we are being constantly bombarded with criticisms. In such conditions we must not lose our control. Keep calm. Best way to win the battle is Keep Smiling.


  • Calculate Risk Factors. Mitigate your Risks. Question arises how to mitigate the risks in advance? Think of all possibilities and pen them down. Possibilities could be worst i.e. Threats or it could be good means Opportunities. Now make another column and list the optimum solutions or actions respectively and make a small plan. Once you have a plan of calculated risks you can act accordingly in your worst situations. We call it taking Preventive Actions.
  • Hope for Best. Never lose Hope. Tough time is temporary. Sticking to negativity will ruin you and break you down. Trust me tough situations make you stronger and wiser. Take them as learning experiences. Always hope for the best and keep hoping.
  • Pray. Being Spiritual is always good. Why to laden all your tensions on your back? Have faith on God and leave these for the god. He will take care of them. Praying always lightens you from strains.
  • Pen Down. If something is bothering you too much, pen it down on a piece of paper. No do not keep that paper in your pocket. Throw it or keep somewhere and forget. Trust me it will erase your stress and make you serene, calmer and settle you down.

How you react in Tough Situations?

Keep Smiling. 🙂


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