Fail Again!

I always consider failures my part of life which made my life beautiful. The more I failed the more I became sharper, smarter and wiser. I believe that failure is a beautiful experience if taken positively. Most of the people in today’s world take their failures in negative way which lead to their life in disarray.

Should we take our failures seriously?

What do you think?

Yes. We should. We must take our failures seriously at some extent. Let me emphasize on “at some extent.” We always start with great enthusiasm and with great belief. We plan, build strategies to achieve our goal and execute. Till execution, all is in perfect place. We have invested ample amount of time after our say project or goal. We are confident that we will going to achieve in one go and that without any hurdles. As we reach towards closing, we find ourselves in the list of failures. Our goal is underachieved. Most of the times, we missed by whisker. We start blaming our luck, curse our time and hence we put ourselves in the list of failures.

List of Failures!!!

And from this onwards, negativity knocks the door. Enters in our mind. Switch off the lights of hope, positivity and grins like a devil.


Darkness. Sadness. Distress.

Failure_QuotesLet’s be real and practical. Nothing goes according to PLAN. We need to tackle all the hurdles we face on our way. We have to build strategies, alternative plans and most importantly we need to trust ourselves and our abilities. We have to be positive. Above all these, we must have courage to face critics and criticisms. I have always believed the more we fail, the more we learn. If you are not learning my dear friend then unfortunately you will find yourself in the list of failures. Rather than blaming and cursing time and luck, we should think where we went wrong and try to understand the next possible outcomes and how again we can try.

Failure-QuotesFail again and again and again. Make the ladder from these failures and climb to the success.

Most importantly, do not stop trying and fear nothing. Because, FEAR OF FAILURE LEADS TO FAILURE.

Keep Smiling… 🙂


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