We are Fortunate

fortunateI have heard most people saying, ‘I am unlucky’, ‘Luck is not on my side’, ‘I am not blessed’, ‘I am poorer than you’ etc etc etc…..

These sentences are affronting which leads to negativity and obsolete life.

Do you want such ropy life?


We do not want a bad suffering life.

Always bared these sentences and such negative thoughts.

We are not Unlucky.

We are Blessed. We are Luckier as we got to live on this beautiful Earth. We are fortunate as we made wonderful friends and family. We are fortuitous as we prosper in the fragrance of garden of love.

We all are Fortunate. We all are best. We are Incredible and Unbelievable.

We Are Beautiful

Keep Smiling.. đŸ™‚


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