Expect Less, Respect Dress

Yesterday I along with my friend were discussing about Relationships and Expectations from our closed ones. The topic of discussion was how expectations directly or indirectly ruin the best of the relations. We shared our experiences and knowledge with each other and finally concluded that, in relationship were love binds us, expectation also plays its own role. It’s like in garden of grass, weeds do grow in small patches and you cannot get rid of them at all.

Later on she asked me, ‘Aviral can you please help me in writing a caption for my WhatsApp status?

Thought for a second and wrote – “Expect Less, Respect Dress

As soon as she read the caption she burst into laughter and laughingly asked me, ‘What does this mean as it sounds so weird?

I replied, ‘Actually sounds a bit funny but let me explain. We should expect less from our friends and family, do you agree?

She responded affirmatively.

I continued, ‘When we say that we should have less expectations from our loved ones then does this make sense to have high expectations from acquaintances or impossible people who made our lives difficult.

dont expectYou guessed right, we should never expect from impossible people. Like you, she replied, ‘We should never expect from these people.

Expectations are just like weeds, they are redundant and whatever effort you put in to get rid of them they still grow and grow again and again. Similarly, we tell ourselves that now we will stop expecting from our closed ones but by end of the day knowingly or unknowingly we expect from them.

Don’t we? 🙂

Yes we do. Because we love them. Because our heart don’t restrict us to do this. Sometime we also expect from acquaints or impossible people. Obviously our rate of expectations with such people is less than as compared to our closed ones. But we do a fraction of bit. Because they are also our part of life.

These people hurt us. Make our lives miserable. Disrespect us. Annoy us. Ignore us. And they can go to any extent to make us unhappy.

Now the question here is, Should we disrespect them in return?

I am sorry to say this, the answer is “No”.

We should never disrespect anyone in our life no matter how they behave with us. Because the more you respect people, back in their heart they start respecting you. Obviously it may take time as it depends on person to person but I can bet you they will respect you in return. If not in front of you but they will for sure at your back.

They will dress you of Respect. People will start respecting you. They start loving and liking you even if they do not show in your presence but believe me a seed of respect will surely plant in somewhere in their heart.

On the other hand, disrespecting people in return will surely be a win situation for them and not for you because by badmouthing you will be the sufferer not them as they want you to react.

And in the worst case, we must ignore these peculiar spooks and loony situations as ignoring is one of the best solutions.

Your mind is made for better ideas and heart is for loving people not for hatred and ego. And most importantly we must never lose our self-respect.

Keep Smiling… 🙂


8 thoughts on “Expect Less, Respect Dress

  1. whilst i get what you are saying in essence – how can one go thru life with NO expectations of those around us…? It seems to me then that everyone would go thru life putting in the minimum of effort, because there RE NO EXPECTATIONS of them.
    I know my heart has ached many times by unmet expectations, but to not have any, makes me feel numb, and uncomfortable in my skin.

    Does that make sense?

      • Maybe its when your expectations are unrealistic? people will hurt us whether we have expectations or not – its simply human nature. i feel like having no expectations equates to lowering standards, and if we all did that, where would we be… as a society, as a country, as a family, as human beings?

      • Exactly, Expecting is a human nature and it will remain in our veins. But just think, blood start flowing in opposite direction inside the vein? Result is clear-DEATH. Similarly, expectations are immortal but at the same time we must learn how to control our expectations and specially emotions. 🙂

      • following a conversation you and I had some time ago, i have started to control and ‘vet’ my expectations, and to your credit, i am a much happier person…… That air of discontent is no longer a constant companion. I guess its about finding that balance that is unique to each of us.

      • Hehe…. So sweet of you Win.. I am always happy to see you smiling..because you have billion dollar smile and heart.. so keep smiling and keep talking to me as I dont want to lose one of the beautiful friends I have ever had… 🙂

      • Dear Aviral…
        Your friendship has saved my life, quite literally.
        This smile… it’s my defense mechanism. Without it, I am truly lost.
        We must smile thru the tears, the pain, the anguish, the long tunnels of darkness, and know that at some point, the sun will shine again, if only for a moment. And in that moment, we need to suck up all the power, energy and happiness its heat brings, and rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul.
        Your site, the connections i have made thru it, your friendship, your positivity and on occasion your very different take on life have given me a new perspective, one that gives me hope..

      • I am so glad Win for you and your life. Your happiness is my happiness… Keep smiling and once again thanks a lot for such precious than gold words.. You are beautiful and lovely… 🙂

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