Emotions lead to Happiness

Emotions. Word is simple, yet heavy. Very heavy.

Emotions. Just eight letters word, yet deep. Very deep. You cannot even measure the depth of this word. It can drown you as well your whole life. It has buried millions of lives.

You must have heard, ‘Emotional Outburst’, ‘Emotional Attack’. You must have used word ‘Emotion’ numerous times in your life span. Oh! Not only used, you must have felt as well.

We often use or tell our friends, ‘Hey! You are getting too emotional.’ Or ‘Stop being emotional.’ Or ‘Control your emotions man.’

I would say this word is being used millions of times daily. Isn’t it?

Unfortunately, used in NEGATIVE FASHION.


Yes. You read correctly. Most of the time we use this word in negative scenarios.


Why we always link such beautiful word with negativity, pessimist and unfavorable conditions?


Source: phenomenologyftw.wordpress.com

Emotions is one of the beautiful words I have ever come across. Personally, I love this word and have deep respect. Unfortunately, we lose control and overuse and over show our emotions which lead us to in tragic incidences.

Have you ever done horse riding? We enjoy the horse riding, don’t we?

Now just imagine, you are sitting on a horse and you are solely handling him. Enjoying the horse riding on a sandy beach. Horse is moving calmly. You are enjoying in the twilight. Now you increase the speed of the horse and it starts jogging. Amazing experience. You want more pace and thrill. You further increase the speed and now horse is running fast. Very fast. Suddenly, you feel timorous as your enjoyment is taken shape of timorousness. Your smiling lips and excited eyes has become fallen lips and scared eyes.

Your excitement led to over excitement and which spoiled your moment.

The same goes with our emotions. Emotions if not handled properly lead to emotional burst. Effects on relationships heavily. Ruin and doom our life.


Source: quotesvalley.comEmotional outburst is a road to isolation.

Now, the question arising in your mind is, how to handle our emotions?

Answer is very simple and straight.

If emotional outburst makes you disconsolate, simply go in a calm desolate place under the open sky. Most importantly, desolate yourself. Put the ear plugs on and listen calm, smooth music. Take a deeeeeep breath and releeeaaase.

Repeat for three times and feel relax.


Source: wikihow.com/Gain-Control-of-Your-Emotions

I strongly believe, Emotion is a beautiful word and precious feeling and it has to be preserved for our closed ones whom we love, we respect and we care. Not for those who disheartened us and disrespect our feelings. Unfortunately we do the opposite.

Can you even think of throwing fresh fragrant roses under the fire? Just imagine the combination of bitter gourd dipped in chocolate flavored ice-cream. Distasteful and unpleasant combination, isn’t it?

Unhappiness never goes with Emotions. Rather emotions go along love. Emotions should be felt from deep loving eyes and lovable heart which reflects on your smiling lips.

Finally, feel the emotions and make your life enthralling and lovable.

Keep Smiling… 🙂


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