Time makes and Respect lift us

Respect the Time.

This sentence has two most important words, ‘Respect’ and ‘Time’. They are just not important, but they are most powerful words in the world.

“Time has the power to convert black charcoal into glittering diamond. Respect has the power to lift you to the top of your life.”

Manage the Time and Respect others.

If you have these two important qualities, then you have won half of your battle of life and career.

I have always heard from my elders and seniors, ‘life is short and you have no time to hate others.’ Life is short and you have no time to disrespect others.

We have 24 hours day cycle. And we pretend to work for say 18 hours a day. And remaining hours we don’t only sleep but we also get indulged in our daily activities. These activities hardly give value addition to our life.

We are too busy, aren’t we?

We all are really very busy with our day-to-day lives. We have hectic schedules so we don’t have time for our relationships, family, friends, and colleagues.

We don’t have time for Love and Care. We don’t have time for Time. I call it, ‘Busy without Business’.

I have no idea about their busy life. I don’t know whether they pretend to be busy or they actually are busy in some relevant work or they are simply working like dumb which leads to duplication of works.


We are busy in

  • Checking emails, those emails which actually can make us upset
  • Scrolling our cell phones
  • Posting irrelevant posts on the social networking websites
  • Messaging or Chatting
  • Gossiping and talking on irrelevant topics which has nothing to do with our personal or professional lives

If we receive calls from our family or loved ones, we actually pretend to be busy. Not only pretend, we sometimes speak harshly (may be due to boss’s anger or extreme work pressure) and respond weirdly and that too without thinking.

We are not just wasting our time but we are disrespecting our relationships.


Time must be managed and work can be done and completed within time slot if done timesmartly. Other works can be looked upon and completed within the time frame.

Rather than spending time after cell phones and social websites till late nights, take sufficient sleep for at least 6 hours and spend fragrant mornings after health rather than scrolling emails. It not only makes you physically fit but also makes you mentally strong. It rejuvenate you, energizes you. Do not waste time after emails. I personally check and respond mails only once in a day. I never check in mornings.


We must always respect our peers, elders, loved ones and in addition to this we must not forget to respect strangers.

Listen to our loved ones. They expects from us. Disrespecting not only ruin their expectations but also break their hearts. At the end of the day, we are losers not others.


“Time has the power to make you and if time can make you, it also has power to break you.”

Keep Smiling.. 🙂




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