Daily Medicine for Wonderful Life


energy (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Everyday or Let me say in positive sense, most of the time in week we feel exhausted.
Actually since morning am feeling tiring and mentally weak.
Ok, let me take you back to first paragraph, we feel exhausted, tired and energetically very low.

So what are the reasons behind this?
We work in front of computers or laptop for around 7 to 8 hours. Then we drive back home and we throw ourselves on the bed. And yes how can I forget Mobile phones. Constantly checking Emails and Messages on our Smart phones!


1. Body ache or Head ache
2. Mentally exhausted
3. Negative thoughts revolving around our mind.

So what we must do to gain energy and inject Positive in?

Follow these simple but astonishing steps:

1. While driving back and forth to Home and Workplace always listen Music. I call it music therapy as it pumps spontaneous energy in our soul and body.
2. Never stick your eyes on system continuously for more than 20 minutes. It gives Strain in your eyes and by the evening your eyes become heavy. Drains our energy.
3. Talk with your friends or colleague in between for a while about current topics and news. Remember, please avoid Gossips.
4. Always wear Smile on your. Believe me its the best medicine.
5. When you feel a bit low, take a deep breath in and pause, count 5 and slowly release. Do it for 3 times and see the change.

And yes always filter out negative waves. Dont listen to those who constantly Complain or Criticize.

Feel Energetic and Be Always Positive.

Keep Smiling.. 🙂



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