Put Your Sorrows Down, Be a Winner

Taking your sorrows on your back… is just like holding a ton of Sack.

If you have read my previous article on Strength of Positive Thinking, then you must have read that we should never take our mistakes along with us. This article is all about this.

We all fail at some time, may be most of the time. Even I do. We, the human beings are prone to do the mistakes. And we try to never repeat our errors in future but unfortunately we do.

I believe we must do such foolish and out of the box mistakes because it not only makes us mature and we learn a lot from them.

Friends, learning from our past mistakes are one thing and taking those mistakes all your life is another. Just visualize, if I put a big sack filled with pebbles on your back and ask you to walk a mile. Forget about even a mile, just try to walk couple of meters.

Will you able to walk? Won’t you get exhausted physically and mentally?

Let me tell you one short story.

There were two friends, Ram and Shyam who were sculptures by profession. One day King announced a competition for sculptures and asked to prepare his own representation and announced 1000 gold coins for the winner.

After hearing this, both started their journey on their bullock carts from their village to King’s palace as they both wanted to be at the palace before sunset.

Ram and Shyam took halts at regular intervals and they prepared idols every time they stayed.

Ram created a small icon and left it before leaving the place but on the other hand, Shyam thought otherwise and he loaded it on his cart.

Where ever they took halts they kept on preparing idols and every time Ram left his idols back while Shyam carried them on his cart.

After sometime, Shyam’s bullock cart couldn’t even move and broke down due to heavy weight of idols which he had loaded.

Result was obvious; Shyam couldn’t even reach the destination. While, Ram learned from his mistakes and analysed them but never carried his sculptures with him. He reached, participated and won the competition.

Moral of Story: Always learn from your mistakes but never take them with you throughout your life.

We should consider our errors and failures as our guidelines as these are the stepping-stones to success.

Keep Smiling… 🙂




4 thoughts on “Put Your Sorrows Down, Be a Winner

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  2. you can never tell somebody NOT to do something – generally they wont listen or learn… we learn thru experience …. you tell a kid – you cannot and will not smoke that strong cigar – its going to make you cough. the kids will go behind your back and try… and he will cough – and then he will learn from his experience that that cigar is going to make him cough.. then he makes his own informed decision – to smoke or not to smoke….

    some of us will make the same mistakes over and over…

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