Strength of Positive Thinking


I have always realized and even experienced that we make simple things very complex. Before we start doing some thing we always indulge ourselves in thinking process like how will I start doing? What if I fail? And the list goes on and on….

Guess What? Negativity Start Cropping in!

That doesn’t mean you should not do research or plan your business or what ever you want to do but it has to be in Positive sense not towards the negative way.

Let me tell you one simple story which I read from one of my mobile apps. It is a story about two seeds laying side by side in the fertile soil.

They started conversation and the first one said enthusiastically, I want to grow! I want to send my roots beneath me and thrust my sprouts. I want to make my roots so strong so that when I grow I can sustain in any calamity.

I want to unfurl my tenders buds. I want to feel the warmth of Sun and morning breeze on my face. Morning dew on my leaves will make me refreshing and my flower’s fragrance will spice up the atmosphere.

I will be so stronger that one day my strong branches and my greener leaves will give refreshment to people, children can play across me.

And she grew….

The second seed on the other hand thought, I am afraid if I send my roots into the ground then I have no idea how it will sustain in the dark and how they will respond in the compact structure?

If I try to push my way through such hard rocky soil then my delicate sprouts may damage. I have heard people over the earth are always destructive and what if living creatures will eat my leaves and even children can pull me out of the ground.

And with such UNWILLING-TO-GROW thoughts started revolving around her, She decided to wait until it becomes safe for her to grow.

Very next day a bird looking for her breakfast saw the lying seed. And ate it.

Moral of Story:

Those who always live and think about negative effects, get screwed up by life.

So always think and take things in positive way. Even if you had a bad or tiring day, think what you learned from such forgettable day and how will you take your experiences going forward. But never take your bad days back on your shoulders because it will again drain you and crush you down.

Think Positive and Always pretend to be BEST in the World. Keep Smiling.. 🙂




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