Are You Happy?

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Are you happy right now? I mean, are you really really happy right now? If not, what determines your very own happiness, what is it, that really makes you happy? Got your answer? Now then, this one is quite easy, just you do more of that then. More, is more, is more, is more. Happy, is happy, is happy, is happy.

You’ve got it, right?

Happy days to you, love Clarabelle


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When Life Gets You Down

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When Life Gets You Down

I created this poem below a while ago, I actually forgot all about it, until I was going through some saved notes on my iPad last night.  I really do love this wee poem and I feel most people, if not all, could relate to it in some way, shape or form.  I hope you like it. Lots of love to you today and always, Clarabelle.


Sometimes you don’t always, get it right,
Sometimes you can’t, sleep at night.

Sometimes the thunder, drowns out your prayer,
Sometimes you’re lonely, when no one is there.

But a lot of times your smile, is brighter than the sun,
A lot of times you skip, rather than run.

A lot of times your happiness, cheers up a friend,
A lot of times your heart, reaches the rainbow’s end.

So when life gets you down, as it sometimes…

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