Pass on the Positivity with the Kindness Challenge

Kindness is contagious.

Think back to the last time a close friend, or maybe even a stranger, did something nice for you without expecting anything in return. How did it make you feel? It probably made you smile. You may have thought about it on and off for the rest of the day. I mean, it obviously made an impact on you — you’re thinking of it right now!

2015-kindness-challenge-bannerWhat’s more, that kind act may have transferred on to other people you interacted with that day. From an extra smile for someone having a down day, to softening your reaction to a frustrating relative, that positivity made its way to other people you know. There is a term for purposefully injecting positive energy into the world around you — this is called “paying it forward.” There have been chains of people who paid for the person behind them in line at Starbucks or at a toll booth; sometimes those chains were hundreds of customers long! And that is just the most obvious and literal example. Anytime you spread cheer with random acts of kindness, you are technically paying it forward, because that kindness is contagious.  

The Kindness Challenge aims to take this one step forward. Listing fifty ways to practice kindness over the course of the year, this challenge invites you to brighten not one day, but fifty. Through these challenges, you can pass along the positivity to those in need, and they may in turn pass it on to someone else.

2015-kindness-challengeTo get started, bookmark the challenge or print it out to keep it within checking distance. Then just strive to complete at least one activity per week. If you do this, at the end of the year you will have completed the entire challenge! You can also invite your friends to participate, increasing the influence of your kind actions.

So what are you waiting for?

Start the Kindness Challenge today!

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Keep Smiling 😊

Hope finds its way

Never Lose Hope. I always believed this and last week my belief got stronger.

I and Ashley made a plan to meet at Pankil’s home. As I reached at Ashley’s place eight in hope_alivethe morning I found him impatiently searching something. His agitation rocketed as seconds passed.

I asked grudgingly, “What’s wrong with you?

Brother, am not able to find my purse”, he replied.

We stared at each other and thought for a while. After couple of minutes of silence, he burst out, “I think I forgot my purse in bus last night while traveling from Baroda to Ahmedabad.

Purse had couple of credit cards, a debit card, few cash and most importantly government identity cards. Once you lose any one of the government ID cards then you have to follow a lengthy tiring process to get them renewed. Those IDs have become his life line as he has to travel back to Bangalore on Monday morning and without them he cannot even enter airport. Tension start dancing on the mind.

Within few minutes we were at bus station and explained the scenario to the official. He had no clue and asked us to wait till 2 PM as same bus will return by then.

We had no option but we dint lose hope. We could able to find couple of driver numbers and kept calling one by one. Unfortunately we couldn’t trace our point of contact. We had no option other than waiting for 2 PM. At this point of time suddenly number two has taken a shape of golden digit. We decided to leave for Pankil’s home. We three met and spend some beautiful time together. It really eased a bit pressure from our tiny shoulders and made us feel good.

We will get the purse by evening.” We kept motivating ourselves. We still had a lot of hope. We searched thoroughly in the car, in his house, in laptop bag Ashley was holding.

Finally, the clock screamed and we rushed to the bus station. We met the official. He forwarded us to one of the drivers present. After interacting with the driver, he escalated the issue to other official. We narrated the scenario and finally he could locate the driver and called him. Driver responded that he will be reaching back to the station in next few minutes. This message increased our hopes.

Finally, bus came and we ran towards it like a sprinter running for gold medal. Now we could see rising hope like rising sun. Ashley intruded inside the bus. After 5 minutes, I could see him coming out of the bus along with the bus driver. Bus driver dint get any lying purse.

Sir, we thoroughly check the bus every time we drop our passengers at the final destination as it is our routine process and we have to go through it, unfortunately I dint get any purse. Had I found any lying object, we would have submitted to the officials at bus station.” The bus driver replied.

We thanked him for his support. This was our last hope which too went in vain. While driving back to home, few sentences flashed back of my mind said by my father, “Hard work never goes in vain, you always get the result sooner or later.” We had a bit of hope left in ourselves like a sprout trying to braid in the middle of the desert. We dispersed.

After couple of hours, my cell phone rang. It was Ashley.

This is called luck darling.” he shouted. “Hard work never goes in vain.” This sentence of him left a smile on my lips.

Guess what?”, he continued. “A guy named Mr. Salim called me and said that my purse is with him, asked me to collect.

Wait am coming to your home in next five minutes and we are leaving. Be ready.” I responded excitedly.



By next hour we were with this sweet hearted and humble person named Mr. Salim. He returned the purse. That feeling was like handling a newly born baby to her father. We thanked him from bottom of our heart. When we asked him where he got the purse from, he replied, “One of my friend was coming from Baroda, he found your purse lying under the seat. He handed over to me and since morning I am trying to locate you Mr. Ashley.

He continued, “I frisked your wallet and couldn’t find any number. One of your old identity card grabbed my attention. I contacted at your office but again dismayed me. My fingers again groped your wallet. This time one ruptured paper tangled in my fingers. It had one number written on it. It was your brother’s number and he forwarded me to you.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yes, hard work never goes in vain and hope never fades. Keep your hope alive even in difficult times. At the end of the day, we not only got our lost purse but also made a beautiful relationship.

Keep Smiling.. :-)