What is Life?

You just drop this word in any search engine and here you go. Millions of links will be thrown on your computer, bombarding like neutrons.

I am not here to tell you or preach you what life is. I would just say Life is full of Hopes. Split its letters.

Learn, Inspire, Feel, Energize.

Every moment we learn from our life. It teaches us to be Strong. It teaches us to be Happy. It reminds us to never lose hope even in difficult times.

  • Keep inspiring our team mates.
  • Keep inspiring people we love.
  • Get inspired from our heroes.
  • Get inspired by Watching videos, Reading awesome books and articles.

Rejuvenate yourself.

Keep Smiling… :-)

Stay Strong

Originally posted on Clarabelle:

stay strong imagesStay Strong

Life can be tough,
the weather may be rough,
but stay strong,
find the inner strength to carry on.

You are loved, have faith, believe,
you are special, focus and achieve.
One door is closed, but many are ajar,
maximise your potential, you’ll go really far.

The world is on your side,
so fill your heart with pride.
Move on up, inspire your mind,
get ready for change, you’re one of kind.

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Best View surely Comes

best viewLife is all about Struggles, Pressures (External or Internal), Failures. And list goes on.

Able to handle these make us a better and stronger person. At every point of life we have to go down and again climb to the top to have a beautiful view. Beautiful View doesn’t come without Hope, Patience and Perseverance.

Keep working hard, never give up Hope and always be Positive. Best views of Life will surely come.

Keep Smiling. :-)